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Lightwriter SL40 to be discontinued

1st January 2019 we will no longer be shipping the Lightwriter SL40 in the UK; as a result of End of Life component parts.


We will honour any outstanding quotations for 30 days from the date of issue and all orders will still come with our standard Peace of Mind 2-year warranty. If an SL40 is deemed unfixable during the warranty period, we will replace with a SL40 or SL 50 replacement unit, pending availability.

We will continue to support the SL40 repairs outside the 2-year warranty until duly notified that parts are no longer available. Please contact our service and support department with regards to out of warranty repairs.

If your SL40 device falls outside of the 2-year warranty and we are unable to repair it, we will offer a trade-in discount against the cost of a new Lightwriter SL50.


The Lightwriter SL50 comes with a lot of new features which include;

  • Being over 100grams lighter than the SL40
  • Built in scanning capabilities
  • Back lit keys – for easier use of device when dark
  • Full companion screen control
  • Menu lock down
  • Fast phrases

For a demonstration of the Lightwriter SL50 then please contact your Regional Sales Managers