Janine - Lightwriter SL40

I was first introduced to the Lightwriter when I was around ten. Before that I tried bliss boards etc. Before I had tried the Lightwriter nothing seemed to fill the communicational void.

The Lightwriter not only broke down communicational barriers, it also broke down a lot of educational barriers for me. It gave me a love for both the spoken and written word in both the English language and the Scottish language.

Over the years, I have had short stories and flash fiction published in literary magazines and on creative writing websites. 

I am also a volunteer at a youth workshop that encourages children in Glasgow to write poetry, songs and raps. I have recently become a volunteer for the Piping Centres ‘Noting the Tradition’ that will involve me using my Lightwriter to interview pipers.

In 2010 I was awarded a mentorship on the prestigious Clydebuilt Apprenticeship Scheme: a one-year process that culminated in the launch of a poetry booklet in 2011.

In July 2012, my short play ‘Daddy Bang Bang’ was selected for the Page to Stage scheme organized by Playwright Studio Scotland.

I have also got a extract of my novel in the publication Duality 5.

I have recently made it into the final group for Playwright Mentoring Scheme run by Playwright Scotland.

My ultimate ambition is to get a novel published.