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Alarm mat - Discontinued


The alarm mat is a black, soft ability switch in the shape of a mat. The switch is placed under a bed mat, door mat, or the like. The mat is activated when you walk on it.

When the mat is connected to an alarm transmitter, your relatives or support person will receive an alarm on their pagers, which tells them that you are up and about.

If the ability switch is used together with MEMOmessenger you, as a user, can be told what time of the day it is. For example, if you get out of bed at night and place your feet on the mat, it will activate your MEMOmessenger’s speaking clock, which will tell you that it is night time and what the time is.


Technical information



400x700 mm


250 g

Operation force

10000 g

Cable length

1.5 m


3,5 mm