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Control 10

425710 GewaLink programmable IR–transmitters can be used by many persons with physical disabilities.
Updated on 2019 Mar 13 - 13:08

Control 18

425718 GewaLink programmable IR–transmitters can be used by many persons with physical disabilities.
Updated on 2019 Mar 13 - 13:26

Control Medi Easy

429240 Control Medi Easy – A programmable IR–transmitter with 4 buttons
Updated on 2019 Mar 13 - 13:28

MEMO Timer

500155 MEMO Timer gives a visual representation of time
Updated on 2019 Mar 19 - 14:06

GEWA Connect

461180 Lets you control both your virtual world and the physical room
Updated on 2019 Mar 26 - 12:47

Lightwriter SL50

The new Lightwriter SL50 has been designed to be the best dedicated text-to-speech device for literate users who are unable to communicate effectively through speech.
Updated on 2019 Apr 23 - 10:32

New CEO in the Abilia Group

January 19th 2015. Hugo Petit appointed as acting CEO in the Abilia Group. During the past year, it has become apparent that there is a need for faster implementation of the changes required by the...
Updated on 2017 Apr 28 - 08:45

IntelliGaze 4 is here

IntelliGaze 4 is developed on, in terms of performance, the market-leading eye tracking IntelliGaze 3, and now comes with a new improved and more powerful user interface. ...
Updated on 2017 Apr 28 - 13:41

Important information about Windows 10 update

With the release of Windows 10 around the corner, the question arises if Rolltalk can be used with this version or not. Below you have a classification based on the product.
Updated on 2017 Apr 28 - 08:45

Release notes Rolltalk Designer 8.3.1

We have created a patch, 8.3.1, for Rolltalk Designer. The patch has been created due to a few errors that was detected after the release of 8.3. These issues have now been resolved. 8.3.1...
Updated on 2017 Apr 28 - 13:41

Merry Christmas

Christmas is round the corner and we want to take the opportunity to say thank you!
Updated on 2017 Apr 28 - 08:45

New software for Control Omni

We have updated the software for Control Omni.
Updated on 2017 Apr 28 - 08:45

Abilia acquires portfolio of alarm products from Emfit

Abilia AB has signed an agreement to acquire the product rights to a portfolio of established seizure and occupancy alarms from the Finnish company Emfit Ltd. The transaction has a large strategic...
Updated on 2017 Apr 28 - 08:45

Visit us at REHACARE 2017

This year we will be showing some new products from our Environmental Control range as well as Alarms and some cognitive products. Feel free to come to our booth A03 in Hall 5 to see it and learn...
Updated on 2017 Sep 22 - 14:06

Abilia helps people control both the virtual and physical world

On the 4th of October Abilia launches GEWA Connect, a completely new environmental control product, in the UK and selected markets. GEWA Connect helps users with special needs to control the...
Updated on 2017 Oct 3 - 12:54

Visit us at REHACARE

Come visit us in our booth F16 in Hall 5. We will show the latest assistive tools within the Environment Control, Communication and Cognition areas.
Updated on 2018 Sep 11 - 15:47

We are launching extended features for GEWA Connect

GEWA Connect is the latest addition to the environmental control family. With GEWA Connect you can manage both your physical and virtual world by using the same assistive technology. With version 2...
Updated on 2018 Sep 26 - 08:33

The new Lightwriter SL50 is launched!

Today we revealed the new Lightwriter SL50 communication aid, at the REHACARE exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Updated on 2018 Sep 26 - 22:01

New version of HandiCalendar for iOS

On October 15, 2018 there will be a new version of HandiCalendar for iOS on App Store.
Updated on 2018 Oct 15 - 09:18

International day of persons with disabilities

At Abilia, we would like to draw attention to the international day of persons with disabilities, to raise raise awareness of their rights and about disabilities of all types, such as social,...
Updated on 2018 Dec 3 - 10:19