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Our stories

Read our stories. Read about our clients tand about their daily lives and experiences. Or read about some of our employees work and everyday life.
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Lena Halldorf - Lightwriter SL40

When Lena Halldorf was told that she had tongue cancer she was faced with the choice of death or undergoing an operation which would leave her without a voice. “In hindsight the choice was easy....
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Service and support

If you need assistance in setting up, using or need service of any of our products please visit a reseller in you country. You may e–mail any question to us at Abilia by using the form below, or call...
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Product overviews

With these overview leaflets it's easy to get an overview of the most common products from Abilia
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Rolltalk- Overviews and information

With these overview leaflets it's easy to get an overview of the most common accessories for Rolltalk. The overviews are in PDF and can be printed in either A4 or A3.
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Upgrade - Control Omni

How to download and upgrade Control Omni
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Gewa Control Tool

Gewa Control Tool is a tool used to make backup and edit IR channels on programmable IR transmitters. See manual for compatible transmitters. Read the manual before installing.
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Upgrade - Progress Pocket PC

Download an upgrade to the present version for Progress Pocket PC.
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Upgrade - Gewa prog utility 3

Used for transferring of data between Gewa Prog and a Computer. (NOTE! Only for computers with serial port)
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Software updates

Here you will find software updates to some of our most common products.
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In our film archive we have collected inspirational videos that show how our tools can help in everyday Life. Choose one of our areas on the left hand side.
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What is a disability?

A disability refers to a reduced ability to function physically, mentally or intellectually. Disabilities can be of varying degrees of severity and they can affect life to different degrees. Some...
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Research shows that Abilia´s cognitive assistive tools give users a more fulfilling life

Research studies provide strong evidence that Abilia´s cognitive assistive tools support users in structuring and managing their daily lives, taking control, and give increased confidence,...
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Our products

Here at Abilia, we have plenty of experience in the field of aids for people with functional impairments. The need for aids can vary depending on the individual's age and circumstances. They help...
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“May name is Alex and I am 23 years old. I enjoy working and living in my own flat. I don't like cleaning, shopping or doing anything boring, the sort of thing you have to do when you leave home -...
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“My name is Olivia and I'm 13 years old. I love my mum, my sisters, my rabbit, my cuddly toys and playing on swings. I go to a training school with five other pupils and our assistants. My mum makes...
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Cerebral palsy

"My name is Andrea. I live with my sisters and my mum and dad in a house close to my school. I love dancing, music and horses. Because of my cerebral palsy, I can't talk and I have real difficulty...
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“My name is Mary and I am 82 years old. They say that I have dementia, but I call it being a bit dotty. Some days I'm dottier than others. I live by myself in my flat. My dear husband Bert died 11...
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Physical disability

“My name is Harry, and I live in a new flat outside Uppsala. Four years ago I had a motorbike accident and suffered a serious neck injury. As a result, I am now wheelchair-bound, and I have...
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