myAbilia is a web service for people using GEWA Connect. Via myAbilia, you or a support person, are able to log in and remotely make configurations and adjustments via a computer, rather than using a phone or tablet. Moreover, a backup from your device is stored in myAbilia, which means that you are easily able to access all settings and data should you lose your phone or tablet.


Via myAbilia, you or a support person, are able to apply settings and configurations in order to control your environment via GEWA Connect. For example, via a computer, you are able to apply settings for which lamps, windows or doors should be controlled from your home. There is also a possibility to control other physical devices in your home, e.g. a table fan. Once all the configurations on the computer are finished, you simply synchronise everything in your home to your smartphone or tablet. Synchronisation requires that you have an internet connection. Once it is done, you no longer need an internet connection to use your device.

You must have a myAbilia account in order to use your GEWA Connect. Of course, it is voluntary whether or not to use the functions in myAbilia. You must create your own myAbilia account.

Create your myAbilia account here.