MEMOplanner S525

ISO-code: 222715 462650

Memo Planner is a digital calendar with reminder functionality and many other options including remote control.

Memo Planner with 462650 replaces the earlier version of the memo Planner with 462640


Calendar and activities

MEMOplanner helps you to remember appointments, organize your day, week and month. A pillar of light / a spot of light shows what time of day it is. Activities may illustrate information with both pictures and text as well as checkable subtasks. Subtasks that can be checked off gives a clear guide for the user and makes it easier to perform activities that consist of several parts. Activities can give off an alarm sound or a personal spoken message.

Activities can also be sent as a text message (SMS) to pre-programmed phone numbers (together with a GSM module). Users can then easily and discreetly receive information directly to their mobile phones.

Easy to use

MEMOplanner is very easy to use and offers a wide variety of settings and options for individual customization. MEMOplanner can be placed on a wall for easy access.

Remote control

Activities are easily added. Just use the touch screen or add activities remotely via the Internet. Remote control is a unique feature that allows the user or relatives to make adjustments or changes to the device remotely. Contact Abilia to have the remote client installed.

The Remote Control feature is not activated on delivery. To activate remote control, please contact Abilias support team and they will help you set it up. 


  • SMS text/ - picture – Send and receive regular text messages. SMS image is programmed completely written text that makes it easier for more users to use SMS from MEMOplanner. Rrequires GSM module.
  • Dictaphone 4 different Dictaphone messages can be used at 30 seconds
  • My Photos - Save your own digital photos and can be used as communication support och/eller memory support, for example. family and holiday photos.
    Countdown Clear visual countdown timeline or digital countdown. Ten countdown times, five times the standard 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes and five selectable times with its own image.Acknowledgment of the activity, reminder before the event's start
  • Repeating reminders
  • Switch between timeline and list view
  • Zoom and navigation functions.
  • Ongoing activity image can be displayed in full screen during the entire duration of activity to catch the user's attention to what is going on right now



Handbook - MEMOplanner s525 2.08 MB

Technical info

30 x 24 x 2.4 cm (12,1")
1,9 kg
1280 x 800
Operating system:
Windows 7
Hard drive:
120 GB SSD
Intel® Atom™ N2800
4 GB
2 x Li–ion 'a 1880 mAh⁄ 11.1 V

In the box

  • Wall mount
  • Presentation stand
  • Wireless mouse and keyboard
  • Stylus
  • Power supply
  • USB hub
  • Speech synthesis
  • Image archive: picture library with 99 icon images for different activities, archive, containing about 2,400 images. (You can use your own digital photos.)