MEMOmessenger is a talking clock with many features.

MEMOmessenger is available in English, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.


MEMOmessenger reminds you of the right time
• Tells the time
• Tells the year, the month, the date and whether it is night or day
• You can choose between a female and a male voice
• Relays messages and reminders discretely via earphones.
• Simple to use and set
• The MEMOgo unit is convenient to bring along
MEMOmessenger consists of one stationary unit (MEMObase) and one portable unit (MEMOgo).
– Large and clear touch display with settings directly on the display screen.
– Allows an unlimited number of reminders. The maximum recording time is 26 minutes and 20 seconds
– Reminders recorded into the clock are played at the correct time
– Says and shows the time and indicates if it is morning, afternoon, evening or night
– Tells and shows the day of the week, date, month and year
– The MEMOgo unit can be carried in your pocket so that you can receive your messages wherever you go
– Upcoming reminders can be accessed via MEMOgo or directly on the clock display
– The previous day’s reminders can be accessed via MEMOgo
– In the MEMOgo unit, reminders can be signalled by vibration
– Ability to record 10 “memos” on the MEMOgo unit
– MEMOgo can be charged in the base unit or with its own power cord
– The clock will tell you when it needs to be charged
– Use the enclosed power cord for charging
– Some functions can be controlled via a control switch
– External speakers can be connected to the clock to hear reminders in several rooms
– Earphones can be used with the MEMOgo unit to listen discretely to reminders

Setting options

• Selectable setting options make MEMOmessenger flexible and user–friendly
• Visible digital or analogue clock
• Automatic daylight savings time update
• Male and female voices in three different languages
• Repetition: the recorded message⁄reminder can be repeated once per
minute up to 10 times or once every third minute 10 times
• Option of visual countdown of time until the next reminder
• Reminders can be given just once or on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis
• Reminders can be scheduled for any date and during any period of time
• On the MEMOgo unit, you can select audio signal and⁄or vibration before the
reminder coming.

Included with the clock

• Neck strap for MEMOgo
• Case for MEMOgo
• Decals for self–labelling the buttons on MEMOgo
• Earphones

Technical information

200x185x150 mm
Screen size:
7” Integrated microphone and speakers
Recording time:
26 min, 20 sec.
123x50x26 mm
12V 0.8A
Charging time when battery is flat:
3.5–4 hours