MEMOdayplanner 2

ISO-code: 169938 500701

MEMOdayplanner is an electronic 24–hour chart that provides a clear view of the day.

Memodayplanner shows the time of the day and the time remaining until the next activity⁄duty. A light bar, with one light point going out each quarter hour, or else a descending light point, allows the user to easily see how much of the day has passed. Different coloured light bars make it easy to see whether it is day or night. An alarm can be set at any light point to emit a noise to alert the user to look at the board when something is going to be happening.

Measurement: 61.2 x 46.2 x 4 cm
Weight: 7 kg , 5 kg without back cover



Memodayplanner can be wall–mounted, but it also comes with a table–stand as an accessory. The whiteboard is magnetic and it can be easily customised according to individual styles and requirements by the addition of text, images and symbols. Accessories such as magnetic cover strips allow users to set the times of day when they are to start and finish. They are available with 12 or 24–hour display, clock symbols, or entirely empty so that they can be customised with images and texts.


Memodayplanner is customised with alerts at desired times⁄light points. The alerts consist of a pulsating bleep lasting 15 seconds and⁄or a blinking light at the relevant time. The alert can be patched through to an alarm unit in the building, a pager or via a VaktFalk alarm–frowarding device to a landline⁄mobile telephone.


In addition to the time–line, a digital time display can also be shown at the bottom of the 24–hour chart. Can be set to display the time as a time–line or as a light point. The intensity of the light points can be adjusted depending for example on the light conditions in the room or on the sensivity of the user to light.


The Memodayplanner is supplied with a set of accessories containing: magnets with and without glue, coloured labels, a selection of PCS symbols, an ideas booklet, a screw–driver, a whiteboard pen, a board–wiper and some cleaner.
Memodayplanner 2 comes with a back cover. Those who already have a Memodayplanner may complement it with back cover, see information under Related products.