GewaTel 200 1600

Loudspeaking telephone with built–in IR. GewaTel 200 is a remotely controlled loudspeaking telephone. By using Infra–Red transmitters people with physical disabilities can use all the functions of the GewaTel 200.

Technical details
Size: 23 x 23 x 8 cm
Weight: 700 g


Users of the GewaTel 200 can take and receive telephone calls. 50 abbreviated numbers can be stored in the GewaTel 200 and users can build up telephone number in advance at their leisure.The GewaTel 200 is easy to program for different user needs and has a superb sound quality with full duplex functionality thanks to the unique OmnisoundTM technology. With crystal clear speech it sounds as if the person you are talking to is in the same room. Using the auto reply facility the caller can "answer" a call in behalf of the person with physical disabilities. The GewaTel 200 can also bee mounted on a wall.An extra microphone can be used with the GewaTel 200 for users with weak voices. An earphone can also be used for people wanting a more private conversation.
Gewa has a wide range of programmable IR–transmitters featuring keys with different sensitivities. Gewa also offers transmitters with scanning functions which can be operated by appropriate swiches.GewaTel 200 is supplied complete with power supply, cabling and jack plug.


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