GEWA Andromeda BED 419891, 419892, 419893, 419894, 419895 Instructions

The GEWA Andromeda BED bed receiver increases your independence by giving you the ability to change your positioning in bed. With a motorised bed and wireless transmitter you can for example, change the height of the headboard. You can control the movements using different methods, e.g. by pressing a button or use a sip and puff switch.

The bed receiver can control two functions simultaneously. This enables a stable and convenient control with a soft positioning.

The selected bed motion only works when the transmitter button is held down. The movement will also stop after a few seconds, for increased safety and to avoid larger bed movements.


GEWA Andromeda BED is an IR receiver with which it is possible to control the functions of a motorized bed wirelessly via a GEWA IR transmitter. The receiver has 8 relay outputs, that can control a maximum of 8 functions of a bed: the head end, the foot end, knee part and the whole bed up/down.


The GEWA Andromeda BED can control two functions simultaneously, which allows for a broad range of individual movement patterns.

The product is very safe to use. The bed motion is monostable, i.e. it will only work while the transmitter button is held down. To prevent accidental bed movement, the movement stops after 3 seconds. The Relay activation time can also be reduced down to 1.5 seconds.

The GEWA Andromeda BED has a very sensitive IR-receiver, which means that the receiver can be placed under the bed and still receive a full signal. If the bed receiver cannot be placed with a clear view, you can connect it to an external detector.

The receiver comes preconfigured with cable kits for immediate use, which makes it easy to install. It is also possible to replace the cables if you switch to another bed model.

The GEWA Andromeda BED is a proprietary product and is CE marked in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.

Enter the following article number to order GEWA Andromeda BED with pre-assembled cables:

419891   GEWA Andromeda Bed receiver incl. AC-Adapter, excl. cable kit
419892   GEWA Andromeda IR-REC8 BED incl. mounted cable kit LINAK 10 PIN MODULAR
419893   GEWA Andromeda IR-REC8 BED incl. mounted cable kit LINAK 8 PIN DIN
419894   GEWA Andromeda IR-REC8 BED incl. mounted cable kit DEWERT 5 PIN DIN
419895   GEWA Andromeda IR-REC8 BED incl. mounted cable kit DEWERT 13 PIN DIN

Technical info

151 mm x 125 mm x 60 mm
0,5 kg
Voltage range:
12-24 V DC
Power consumption, idle:
0, 15 W
Power consumption, max:
1,6 W
Max load per relay:
200 mA/30 V AC, 350 mA/60 V DC
Ingress protection:
IP 54

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