Emfit SafeFloor

Art.nr: 464020 Instructions

SafeFloor is specifically designed for you who should not leave your bed or apartment unassisted.

With SafeFloor you will feel more secure at home. The system reduces the risk of you wandering around in the middle of the night. The system will alarm your nurse or relatives if you fall out of, or leave the bed.



SafeFloor contains one control device and one floor sensor.

When used at a bed-side, the SafeFloor enables an early warning for fall prevention as it gives the notification of the moment your feet touch the sensor. This can save many critical seconds, allowing the nurse to better prevent accidental falls.


The SafeFloor monitor has an audible alarm with adjustable volume and dry-contact output for connection to most nurse call systems or personal emergency phones.

The sensor sends a signal to the control unit which sounds an adjustable alarm that can be used to alert nearby nursing staff. It is also possible for the control unit to send to a further alarm, such as pager or cellphone, using our accessories All in One.

Emfit Safe Floor are part of a series of reliable alarm products and are used in both home and residential care around the world.

Technical info

Sensor size:
927 x 580 x 2,4 mm
Sensor weight:
1,6 kg
Sensor color:
Sensor cable:
300 mm
Control device size:
97 x 127 x 30 mm
Control device weight:
150 g
Control device color:
Control device battery:
2 pcs 1.5 V AA battery



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