Emfit SafeBed

ISO-code: 222718 Art.nr: 464001 Instructions

The Emfit SafeBed is a "missing person alarm" that can register when a person gets out of bed, or fails to return to bed within a pre-set time. For people who are unable to activate alarms when they need help, for example, those with dementia.


Emfit SafeBed consists of a sensor that is placed under the mattress, and a control unit where settings are entered.

If the time setting is short (ie. 3 seconds) the alarm will sound when the person gets out of bed. By increasing the time (up to 30 minutes) the alarm will sound if the person does not return to bed within the pre-set time.

The sensor sends a signal to the control unit which sounds an adjustable alarm that can be used to alert neraby nursing staff. By using the accessory All in One, the control unit can also forward the alarm to a pager or cellphone.

Emfit alarms are part of a series of reliable alarm products which are well tested and used in both home and residential care around the world.

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