Control Omni

ISO-code: 241303 429000

Everyone needs to participate, be independent and be able to communicate with loved ones. Control Omni suits people who have a strong need to be able to control their environment and who place high demands on function and reliability



Control Omni is easy to use. Ready made template pages are included and it’s easy to add new pages and images. All images, pages and background colors can be adjusted as needed


Control Omni makes it easy to keep in touch with important people. Either through text messages with wordprediction or regular phone calls. A headset guarantees that the calls will remain private.


Use Control Omni by pressing directly on the screen or by scanning. Switches for controlling scanning is avaliable in many different sizes, shapes, colours and functions (ordered separately).


As the first product in its field Control Omni is capable of both IR and radio. IR is good for controlling what you see: a lamp, a television set, or the bed you lie in. Radio is perfect when you want to control the series of events: switch on all the lights in the house or pull up all the blinds. When the task is done you get a notice from the Control Omni. It could be through text, voice or symbols.


With just one press of a button it’s possible to send an alert in 5 different ways: IR, radio, SMS, activating relay or by automatically calling a specific person.

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