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Head mouse - TrackerPro 2


With a head mouse, one can control the cursor by using head movements. A small reflective sticker is placed on the forehead or on the glasses, and a receiver is attached to the screen. By moving the head, the cursor is moved. Only minor head movements is required.

The TrackerPro 2 head mouse is a good solution for many ALS patients, MS patients, people with stroke and other people with limited motor skills. It is easy to install, plug in TrackerPro 2 into the USB port of the computer to be controlled using the main mouse TackerPro 2.

The product comes with:

  • TrackerPro 2 hardware with USB Type A connector
  • Two 3.5-mm / 1/8-in TS switch jacks
  • Dual lock and monitor mounting bracket
  • Table top mounting bracket
  • 2-m USB Type A extension cable
  • Reflective dots (put on forehead / glasses)
  • Extra Dual Lock for attachment
  • Quick start guide