Release notes Rolltalk Designer 8.3.1

2015 Oct 19 - 14:54

We have created a patch, 8.3.1, for Rolltalk Designer. The patch has been created due to a few errors that was detected after the release of 8.3. These issues have now been resolved.

8.3.1 Can be downloaded via the software. Start Rolltalk Designer. Press “search for updates”. You can choose when to perform the upgrade.

Below are the main changes that are affecting the user/helper. For more information contact us at Abilia or read the Release notes on our webpage.

Pages and images

  • Link to Abilias support pages have been corrected.
  • The issue with disappearing images/symbols when saving a template or using the scanning function have been corrected.


  • Dwell will no longer interfere when playing video clips from Youtube. When a video is being played in full screen, Dwell will no longer pause the video while watching the screen.
  • Youtube are not displaying copyright material in other video players than their own (like Rolltalk Designer). To be able to play copyrighted material, videos must be played from Youtubes webpage from an internet browser on your desktop.
  • The issue where an error message has been displayed for unique videos have been corrected.


  • Playing sounds from e-mails have been corrected.
  • Error messages due to duplicated fields have been corrected.
  • Keyholes relating to other keyholes have caused a delay in the software. This have been resolved.

See the full release notes

Jennie Gehlin - Product Manager

Irina Vossmalm - Sales- and Marketing manager, Sweden