International day of persons with disabilities

2018 Dec 3 - 09:42

At Abilia, we would like to draw attention to the international day of persons with disabilities, to raise raise awareness of their rights and about disabilities of all types, such as social, financial and political. People with disabilities experience their challenges in different ways, and the communities, schools and employers need to be open to see the possibilities in these people.

For a long time, we have been working with developing assistive technology that places the user in focus, i.e. use this tool to plan the user's time and gain structure in their every day life. Considering the modern technology of today, assistive technology does not need to be visible, but can rather look like any other smartphone or smart watch.

Even schools and employers now see assistive technology as work support, which means that they use our assistive technology to delegate tasks easier, and to trust that the are executed. Thanks to this, people with disabilities are able to feel more independent. Moreover, this decreases stress levels, everyone feels better, and there is less sick-leave.

According to the UN, which established the international day for people with disabilities 26 years ago, this year's theme is focused on providing people with disabilities an inclusive, fair and sustainable development, as a part of the 2030 agenda, which encourages the idea of "leave no one behind".

Read more on the UN's website