IntelliGaze 4 is here

2015 Jun 26 - 10:48

IntelliGaze 4 is developed on, in terms of performance, the market-leading eye tracking IntelliGaze 3, and now comes with a new improved and more powerful user interface.

Simplified/assisted mode

Finally here! For those that quickly, easily and in a playful way wants to get started with IntelliGaze. Ignore calibrating, watch and play, see what happens on the screen and join the flow. Draw butterflies, playing pie-games, spray with a hose, and much more!

“Look to Learn” is a software package with 40 activities for eye gaze experiences, designed for people who want to start using eye tracking. The activities have been created for a fun way to give opportunities to practice/improve the ability to make choices, and hit targets correct on the screen.

Each activity develops a skill. From “cause and effect” to accurate eye tracking control. The program has been created in consultation with teachers and therapists and provides the tools needed to evaluate needs and train skills.

Watch a video about assisted mode here

New operations center

The new Operation Center provides, with a simple touch on the screen, access to several functions for the user. The classic hotkey function has been improved and can now be used with touch by an assistant or other helper.

Use multiple control modes in Windows

IntelliGaze can be combined with control switches in Windows which makes the use more flexible and easier. Use for example a control switch to select instead of automatic click with eye control.

Application Profiles

IntelliGaze automatically sets individual settings and design for different applications based on profile. Use the pre-defined profiles, or create your own.

IntelliGaze 4 replaces the previous IntelliGaze eye tracking systems. If you have an older IntelliGaze, you can free of charge upgrade your eye tracking. The only requirement is that your eye tracking has desktop version 2.0.

Upgrade to IntelliGaze 4 here

Please note that IntelliGaze 4 requires a new installation and can not be updated via the IntelliGaze-software like previous versions. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at Abilia!